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foils, bi- and trilaminates

Con-Cover™ foils, bi- and trilaminates are high quality coating and covering solutions for numerous applications. Different kinds of textiles, mesh, fleece or foam can be applied to the upper and reverse side of the plastic film.
Con-Cover™ is used for automotive interiors as trunk mats and lordosis backings. By 3D forming, textile molded parts are created and applied as flooring in passenger compartments or spare wheel recesses.
bilaminate Con-Cover grey
bilaminate Con-Cover black


  • aestetically appealing surface
  • durable
  • recyclable
  • lightweight
  • corrosion and weather resistant
  • many surface variations, e.g. textile, TPO*

*Thermoplastic olefin-based elastomer


  • colours according to RAL / Pantone
  • individual surface structures / embossings
  • weight of coating is approx. 350 g/m² to 2,200 g/m²
  • special finishing such as textiles , mesh, fleece, foam
  • 3D-forming
  • coextrusion possibilities
bilaminates, trilaminates with different surface structures
Con-Cover embossings

Dimensions and delivery formats:

  • delivery as rolls or as boards up to a maximum width of 2,500 mm
  • 3D formed part on special load carrier

Our Con-Cover™ products:

  • PP foils with different surface options
  • bi- and trilaminate
  • lordosis backing
  • textile molded parts for passenger car interiors or load floors/trunk floors

Con-Cover™ application examples:

  • impermeable, durable floor coverings
  • surfaces for load floors in busses or commercial vehicles
  • floor mats for automotive applications

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