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Did Con-Pearl North America Inc. perform crash tests with van floorings and side linings?

Our products have been used for many years by OEMs and were certified in accordance with their security standards. The performance of van floorings and van liners in a crash test depends on many factors such as car body, type of fastening system, superstructures, etc. and has to be checked in every individual case. Possibly, you should test the van flooring and van liners in accordance with your individual, special requirements.

What are the advantages of Con-Pearl® van floorings and side linings?

  • weight savings (approx. 60{784cd98a86830b8082f142a583a145d13f460e156fadce497235fb935e582680} vs. wood)
  • increased fuel efficiency
  • CO2 emission reduction
  • corrosion and rot resistance
  • high quality appearance
  • resistant against oils and lubricants
  • easy to clean
  • 100{784cd98a86830b8082f142a583a145d13f460e156fadce497235fb935e582680} recyclable

Was the Con-Pearl® van flooring tested for stresses that arise on rough roads?

Yes, the product passed with very good results. During the test a lattice box with a total weight of 1000 kg was shaken and stabbed on the Con-Pearl® van flooring. Forces up to 10 G were generated– our van ply lining stood up without appreciable compressions.

Which fastening units can be installed to Con-Pearl® ply linings?

After several tests with different dowel solutions, we recommend drive-in nuts on the backside, TSSD Ejot-dowel, screwed inserts (Rampa-fittings) and hollow dowel for fastening.

Usual screws without any additional dowel systems are not suitable for perfect fastening.

How high are the extraction values of the fastening units on the van flooring?

The extraction values are low. The „Rampa-Muffen“ have extraction values to a maximum of 1.000 N with a diameter around 60 mm. The rear drive -in nuts hold a multiple of the „Rampa-Muffen“. Further information may be obtained on our development team:
Email: dieter.reichert@con-pearl.de or by telephone: +49 (0)3 60 82 47-641.

How does Con-Pearl® van flooring look after six months of usage on construction sites?

„The new Con-Pearl® van flooring and van liners installed in our Sprinter last year is extremely robust and free of mould. The material is tough and can withstand the daily, hard stresses on construction sites.
Thomas Dornieden, Dornieden ESTRICH

How can I clean Con-Pearl® van floorings and side linings?

The van flooring is easily cleaned with conventional floor cleaner (solvent-free). Industrial cleaners are suitable for cleaning as well. The surface remains unaffected.

How does wear and tear become noticeable on Con-Pearl® van ply linings?

Even with intensive use, the superior look in all variants of the Con-Pearl® ply lining (Allround, Strong, Safestep) remains intact.

All layers of the base plate of vehicle floors have a uniform colour, so that slight damages on the surface don’t stand out – this is a significant benefit compared to wooden floors. In case of damages to wood flooring, the wood will be clearly visible and the floor will be susceptible to mould and corrosion.

How is the visual appearance of Con-Pearl® van floorings?

Our van flooring is available with three high-quality surfaces, Strong – Allround- Safestep. An aluminum rail can be installed as decorative edging and for extra protection.

Is the Con-Pearl® loading floor obtainable with a rail at ground level?

Yes, an aluminium rail can be affixed at ground level upon request.

How fast can Con-Pearl® ply linings and side liners be delivered?

We manufacture the van ply linings and side linings according to customer orders.
Please ask for our sales department for the delivery time.

telephone: +1 864-365-0737
e-mail: info@con-pearl.com

In which way will the Con-Pearl® van ply lining be delivered?

Con-Pearl NA. Inc. delivers the load floor as a one-piece and ready to be installed or as a non- customized board.

Can the raw board of the van flooring also be individually fabricated?

Please ask for our sales department for individual fabrications:

telephone: +1 864-365-0737
e-mail: info@con-pearl.com

Which savings do I have through Con-Pearl® ply linings and side linings ?

You can save more than 300 euros per vehicle per year. By using Con-Pearl® ply lining and side lining we reach weight reductions of over 80kg. This corresponds to 62 percent savings compared to wooden flooring.

How stable is the Con-Pearl® van flooring?

Several, extensive load tests prove the stability of Con-Pearl® van floorings:

  • pressure strength test
  • vibration and vertical shock test
  • abrasion test

The product passed all tests. Con-Pearl® ply linings can easily bear the maximum permitted vehicle payload.

Are the extraction values of screwed inserts (“Rampa-Muffen”) of Con-Pearl® van floorings and wooden floorings comparable?

The extraction values of screwed inserts of Con-Pearl® van floorings have already been identified. Comparative test are still pending.

Can fastening units in the van flooring also endure lateral forces?

Yes, the fastening units also withstand endure lateral forces.

Can a clean and burr-free cut edge be expected during processing?

Yes, with lasering. Burr formation or frazzling could happen with all other processing methods.

Are closured edges possible?

Yes, sealed edges are possible:

  • rilling during processing
  • embossing
  • Con-Pearl® laser edged
  • sealing with glued-on L- and U-profiles- Y- aluminium edge

Can joints exposed to dirt and grime be closed with sealants?

Yes, please contact the SABA Vertrieb und Anwendung von Chemiewerkstoffen GmbH , Mr. Großmann:

Email: christian.grossmann@saba-adhesives.com or by telephone: +49 (0) 2871 292-400.


In which colors are the container sleeves available? Are color specifications based on color fans possible?

Yes, individual coloring of the sleeves (inside and outside) according to RAL and Pantone is possible. Specific printing is also possible.

Can I receive coloured pallets and lids?

Yes, that is possible. It depends on the ordered quantity.

Is it possible to repair container sleeves and other components which are relevant to the system?

Yes, it is possible to repair container sleeves. Please contact our sales team with your specific request:

telephone: +1 864-365-0737
e-mail: info@con-pearl.com

Is it possible to put Con-Pearl® sleeves on plastic pallets from other companies?

Yes, if the pallets are designed to fit a sleeve.

Is it possible to deliver sample boxes?

Yes, it is possible to deliver sample boxes.

Which dimensions are available?

The Twin SHEET boxes and Single Sheet MIP Boxes are available in many dimensions. An individual implementation of the box is also possible.

How long does the screen print color last on a sleeve pack?

We ensure a deep adhesion between container and color. The color is not more influenced than the container.

How many kilos can a pallet box hold?

It depends on the configuration of the container sleeve. To construct a suitable box for your application, specific specifications should be determined.

How many different colors can be printed on Con-Pearl® pallet boxes?

Basically all colors are possible. Please contact our sales team with your specific request:

telephone: +1 864-365-0737
e-mail: info@con-pearl.com

The return of multi-way packaging is bothersome.

The reuse and the return are the main features of multi-way packaging. For this purpose, the containers can be folded to save space, which results in many efficiency advantages.

In contrast, one-way packaging has to be purchased and disposed of again and again. This goes along with higher space requirements, higher costs, and last but not least, with a lower utility profit of one-way packaging.

Also considering the respective company situation (purchase price, handling, losses, shrinkage, damages, personnel costs etc…), multi-way packaging is the more efficient alternative in many cases.

Furthermore, there is the possibility to outsource the entire transport management to a logistics service company to not have any work with the return. The logistics companies often also offer services such as tracking, cleaning, repairing and allocation.

Can Con-Pearl® containers be used in high rack storage systems?

Yes, the pallet containers can be used in high rack storage systems. Please let us look at the conditions in your high rack storage and let us coordinate the necessary adjustments.

For safeguarding, we can initiate an individual assessment with a certified testing laboratory for you.

Are the pallet containers equipped with RFID tracking?

Our plastic gaylords can always be equipped with RFID tags in label form. The „combi label“ which has both a barcode and a RFID transponder has proven successful.

Are the pallet containers strong?

Thee Con-Pearl® sleeve packs are very durable. The containers have been in use for more than 15 years at many of our customers.

The exact load of each special container depends on the individual sleeve configuration. To design a suitable box for your application, an exact specifications profile needs to be determined.

How sensitive are the pallet containers?

Proper handling is the prerequisite to keep the pallet containers in a good condition. However, should a sleeve pack be damaged, individual parts can be replaced. If needed, the sleeve can be repaired through welding. We will gladly refer you to one of our partner companies that can be contacted in those cases.

Can I use additional packaging components/dunnage in Con-Pearl® containers?

Con-Pearl® packaging is highly flexible. Besides many sizes, forms and colors, additional components can be used in Con-Pearl®. Components and dunnage with individual shapes made from different materials such as foam, textile or also Con-Pearl® can be used in Con-Pearl® containers.

If required, edged Con-Pearl® sleeves with fixed corners can be used for containers with textile dunnage. This way, sleeve packs with dunnage can be folded to save space and also protect the inner dunnage at the same time.

We are specialists in the field of designing packaging solutions. We would like to design and visualize your individual dunnage in 3D for you.

How much risk of injury do I have when handling Con-Pearl® sleeve packs?

The risk of injury in handling Con-Pearl® containers is very low. However, as a general rule, gloves should be worn when handling all packaging systems.

When using our plastic gaylord containers, there is no risk of protruding wires and of jamming in metal hinges, as is the case with wire pallet cages. In addition, there is no risk of injury from wood chips. Besides, Con-Pearl® returnable packaging is a lot lighter than wire pallet cages and load carriers made from wood.

When does Con-Pearl® returnable packaging start to pay off? / How expensive are Con-Pearl® pallet boxes?

Measured in terms of value retention and period of use, the Con-Pearl® plastic gaylords are much cheaper than comparable returnable packaging made from steel or wood.

Compared to one-way packaging, there is no better alternative in terms of costs/benefits in many cases.

Very often, the ROI can already be achieved in one year. The cost trends for both alternatives are different. In each individual case, it depends on the costs of the particular system, the number of systems needed, the cycling rate and the handling costs.

Typical course of one-way and multi-way packaging

How sustainable are Con-Pearl® sleeve packs?

A clear statement about sustainability is always difficult. What is certain is that our products are made from high-quality regranulate. Our sleeve packs have a very long lifetime (about 15 years) and are 100{784cd98a86830b8082f142a583a145d13f460e156fadce497235fb935e582680} recyclable. This cycle has been realized at many of our big customers.

General packaging questions

What are collapsible bulk containers?

Bulk container is a logistics term used for lattice boxes, plastic gaylord boxes and pallets. It is the opposite of small load containers. We define bulk containers as big boxes with minimum dimensions of 800*600*x mm or larger. All of our bulk containers are collapsible.

What are returnable containers or load carriers?

According to DIN 30781 a load carrier is a carrying device for integrating goods into one cargo unit. Load carriers especially include the carrying transportation devices of pallets, bulk containers and vehicles (semitrailers). They allow easy reloading of the cargo units and thereby support the efficiency and speed of the transport chain.

What is a gaylord box?

see collapsible bulk containers

What is a pallet container/ plastic pallet box?

A pallet container is a box which is basically built on the construct of a pallet and combines the features of a pallet with the features of a box. Our pallet boxes are made of plastic.

What is a collapsible pallet box/ folding pallet box?

A collapsible pallet box is a gaylord box which can be folded for volume reduction at return. Generally, the height of the pallet sleeve can be reduced before or after usage. Other alternatives to collapsible plastic gaylords are possible. The volume of a Con-Pearl® gaylord box can be reduced up to 80{784cd98a86830b8082f142a583a145d13f460e156fadce497235fb935e582680}.

What are shipping containers?

see load carriers.

What are pallet storage containers?

Storage containers are a group of boxes for storing different materials and/or products. Often, storage containers are adjusted to the requirements of the storage goods. Our plastic storage containers are very stable, stackable and protect the goods from weather conditions such as wind or rain.

What is a ESD plastic pallet box?

ESD means ElectroStatic Discharge or Electrostatically Sensitive Devices. A ESD plastic pallet box protects the transported goods from electrostatic discharge. Con-Pearl NA Inc. offers every gaylord box and pallet sleeve also with ESD protection.

What is a pallet sleeve/ Con-Pearl® sleeve / sleeve pack?

Together with a lid and a pallet, a pallet sleeve builds one packaging system, or one pallet container / one sleeve pack. Our pallet sleeves are made of Con-Pearl®. We deliver the sleeves for all pallet sizes in individual dimensions. The pallet sleeves are foldable and therefore space-saving at return.

What is a pallet top frame?

see pallet sleeve.

What are logistics boxes?

Logistics boxes are a group of containers for storing and shipping different materials and/or goods. Our collapsible bulk containers are perfect returnable packaging solutions, because their volume is reduced up to 80{784cd98a86830b8082f142a583a145d13f460e156fadce497235fb935e582680} at return, and transport costs are reduced.

What are big boxes?

see collapsible bulk containers

What are plastic pallets?

Pallets made of plastics can be differentiated into injection moulded pallets and deep drawn pallets. Injection moulded plastic pallets are more stable , shapely and stronger. Deep drawn plastic pallets are much cheaper to manufacture. Our pallet container Twin SHEET Box has such a pallet.

What is a complete package?

It is the whole of a packaging container and packaging aids.

What are the package contents?

It is a good that should be packed.

What are packaging aids?

Aids, which help, together with the packaging container, to close the package. (e.g. nails, tapes, staples)

What are packaging containers?

Products made out of packaging material, which are intended to wrap or stick to the package content, so that they are transportable, storable and able to be sold.

What is meant by packaging material?

Packaging containers and packaging aids that are made out of this material.

What is meant by package?

The combination of package content and packaging.

How is packaging defined?

Combination of the package contents and package.


What is Con-Pearl®?

Con-Pearl® is the brand name of our corrugated plastic sheet. Con-Pearl® is a tri-laminate polypropylene board. The three layers are connected by thermo lamination -just with pressure and heat. No adhesives are used. That´s why Con-Pearl® lightweight boards are 100{784cd98a86830b8082f142a583a145d13f460e156fadce497235fb935e582680} recyclable.

What is a corrugated plastic sheet?

A corrugated plastic sheet is a tri-laminate plastic board with a wavy sheet between the two outer sheets .The corrugated sheet builds cavities in the plastic board making them very lightweight. Con-Pearl® is the brand name of our lightweight board. It is made of polypropylene and completely without adhesives. Our corrugated plastic sheets are available in different colours, dimensions and cuttings. The lightweight boards are especially used to manufacture returnable packaging and automotive parts such as van liners and van ply linings.

What is coextrusion?

With the process of coextrusion, two plastics of the same, a similar or a related kind can be combined. Therefore the features of two materials can be combined in the separate layers of the sandwich structure.

In one single work step, the plasticized materials are superimposed by two separate extruders and connected to one inseparable unit – the coex film. In a coex film we can for example combine the anti-skid properties of TPO in the upper film with the stability of polypropylene in the non-visible backing film, as we implement it in our van flooring versions “Allround” and “Safestep”. Furthermore the economical advantages of a regenerated film can be combined with the custom-designed colours or surfaces on the coextruded visible side.

This is done completely without adhesives so that there is no further process step necessary to produce this coex film. Furthermore the emissions properties such as smell and fogging is improved compared to multilayer films laminated with adhesives.

Con-Pearl NA Inc. / friedola TECH GmbH is the only supplier in the sector of corrugated plastic sheeting that is able to apply this process.

What is a Coex film?

see coextrusion

What is Con-Cover™?

Con-Cover™ is our product range of foils, bi- and tri-laminates. A bilaminate is a foil coated with at least one textile. By coating another textile on the other side of the foil, a tri-laminate is generated. The inner foil can be a coex-film and consequently four material properties can be combined.

What is optimized Con-Pearl®?

Optimized Con-Pearl® is the evolution of the Con-Pearl® corrugated plastic sheets with the result of a strongly improved pressure stability on the plane surface. With up to 1 tonne load capacity, the stability of optimized Con-Pearl® is comparable to wood. All of our standard ply linings are made of optimized Con-Pearl®.

How can I process Con-Pearl®?

Con-Pearl® van floorings and van liners can be processed in various ways:

  • laser cutting
  • waterjet cutting
  • milling
  • stamping
  • sawing

Can Con-Pearl® be processed multi-layered?

Yes, at all processing methods except for laser and water jet cutting, because the material starts to melt over 164 degrees Celsius.

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