Single SHEET MIP Box

Sleeve pack with mirror image pallet system

Mirror Image Pallet Box - Single Sheet Box

Lightweight Single SHEET mirror image pallets are flipped over and used as lids – easy handling guaranteed!

All sizes and formats are suitable with our con-pearl® sleeves. Both sleeve and pallet thickness can be customized for lightweight or very heavy loads.

Top features

  • the most economical pallet container
  • single sheet thermoformed
  • mirror-image design allows to be used as pallet or lid
  • pallets nest together for maximum return ratio
  • pallets lock together when stacked for safe
    transport and warehouse storage
  • lightweight and easy to handle
Mirror Image Pallet - Single SHEET

Dimensions Single SHEET MIP Box

Length x Width

30“ x 32“

30“ x 36“

32“ x 48“

40“ x 48“

45“ x 48“

Length x Width

57“ x 48“

63“ x 48“

70“ x 48“

90“ x 48“

…just to list a few

Reusable packaging and pallet box sleeves

con-pearl® pallet sleeves, plastic gaylord boxes and collapsible bulk containers

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