Load securing equipment

Ladungssicherung für Paletten: MK 3A

Load securing – professional and effective with multi-functional wedges made of polypropylene

With the multi-functional wedges you gain a functional, stable and cost-efficient alternative to conventional roller securing systems.
Our multi-purpose wedges are for securing rolled goods, cylinders and barrels during transport and storage.
friedola®TECH multi-functional wedges are professional, effective and unrivaled.

Convincing arguments:

  • easy to clean
  • no material chipping
  • smooth and rounded surface
  • very high resistance to weather impacts
  • high form stability
  • high circulation rates in the multiple-use system

Special design:
Multi-functional wedges for Craemer pallets

Options / System parts

Ladungssicherungsmittel für Paletten: Multikeil MK eins

Load securing MK1

Universal multi-functional wedges for all pallet types. The special s-shaped adapter allows the securing area to be increased as needed by simply placing further wedges. The ground surface has an anti-skid structure.

Ladungssicherungsmittel für Paletten: Multikeil MK zwei

Load securing MK2

Locking wedges with an asymmetrical fixation element for securing differend coils on pallets with wooden deck.
MK2 can be produced in several lengths upon request.

Ladungssicherungsmittel für Paletten: Multikeil MK3

Load securing MK3a

Wedge especially for smooth surfaces on flat pallets for securing rolled goods. Can be equipped with rubber bases to prevent slipping.
MK3a can be produced in several lengths upon request.

Ladungssicherungsmittel für Paletten Multikeil 3A

Load securing MK3b

The same as MK3a – with positioning edges to attach straps and/or belts.

Reusable packaging and pallet box sleeves

Con-Pearl® pallet sleeves, plastic gaylord boxes and collapsible bulk containers

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