X-tra-LONG Box

Long box for shipping and storage

Großladungsträger X-Tra LONG Box Vorschau

With the X-tra LONG Box, friedola®TECH has developed a special solution for transporting, shipping and storing very long, bulky products, e.g. ducts, tracks, profiles, and cable harnesses.

  • up to 6 meters long
  • height and width dimensions are based on the Euro module (400 x 400 mm)
  • very easy handling, manual or with forklifts
  • lightweight, stable, durable
  • weather resistant + water resistant
  • stackable and fits in all conventional racks and storage facilities
  • easy to clean
  • resistant surface
  • individual print possible
  • minimum purchase 100 pieces


Großladungsträger X-tra LONG Box


The casing on the innovative X-tra LONG Box is made of pure Con-Pearl® material. The box is therefore light, stable, torsion-resistant and durable.

Kufen Langgutbox

Pallet bases

Pallet bases for optimum portability with forklifts can be mounted to the X-tra LONG Box per customer request.

Langgutbox Griffe


As a standard, we deliver the long goods box with ergonomic handles for manual transport. Upon request, we will also attach other handles or deliver the box without handles.

Langgutbox Stapelecken

Stacking corners

Corners for stacking on the exterior of the long shipping box provide additional protection for the transported goods and allow the boxes to be stacked.

Langgutbehälter Verschluss


Hook and loop tape on the external frame ensures the container can be securely closed and easily reopened.

Kunststoff Großbehaelter Xtra Long Box

Product protection

Optionally, all edges can be equipped with a protection. You can choose from different special profiles for protecting the product during handling with the container.

Reusable packaging and pallet box sleeves

Con-Pearl® pallet sleeves, plastic gaylord boxes and collapsible bulk containers

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